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Our company is an export oriented company.

Qingdao Yanshan Guiyu Trade Co., Ltd. is located in the beautiful coastal city of Qingdao, China. Our company is an export-oriented company. We supply high-quality stationery items at the most competitive price. Our company has specialized in the manufacturing and exportation of office supply products, such as ball pens, gel pens, pencils, marker pens, and A4 papers, etc.

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Wholesale Stationery Supplier - Never Run Out of Stationery Again

Every sector needs stationery to do various documentation. It is impossible to deal without complete stationery and office supplies. Qingdao Yanshan Guiyu Trade Co., Ltd. knows it well, and supplies accordingly. We know what kind of quality and features you need in ball pens. Kids, teachers, officials, and retailers know how essential stationery is. You will never have to worry about it anymore. The smoothness of copy paper makes your documents appear more formal. It includes the whiteness and smoothness of them. So, you better choose YSGY Trade to buy wholesale stationery online. 

Packaging, Color, Design, Printing, and Countless Custom Services

Not only that, we make gel pens in a huge variety of colors, packaging, extra features, and more. All of it comes in our custom production category. Wholesale buyers can avail of this service to serve their many types of customers. Kids love them in almost every color for art and craft works. It also includes marker pens, which are available in different colors. Almost every professional uses them, especially in the educational sector and factories. You cannot skip pencils because we have the most productive types here. You can get customization in copy papers also. 

Bulk Office Supplies for Everyone from Education to the Logistics Sector

Offices, stores, institutes, hospitals, and logistics sectors heavily rely on stationery. We manufacture different types of stationery items for different uses. It means you can place orders for any kind of office supply for documentation and writing purposes. If you want stationery wholesale supply, we can manufacture that for you. Our production is all about massive volume, and bulk buyers can benefit from it. 

Start Purchasing Wholesale School and Office Supplies 

All the retailers and procurement departments of companies can reach us for discounted rates. We supply every kind of stationery to every bulk buyer. We offer slashed prices to whoever wants to purchase in large numbers. YSGY Trade is a massive office supplies manufacturer with reasonable prices. Retailers can purchase different types of stationery items from us. When they explore our low prices, they will get better gains. To purchase them at budget-friendly rates, you can reach us through our website. We have wholesale stationery items for you as per your budget capacity. 

Why Do International Buyers Prefer YSGY Trade?

International buyers prefer Qingdao Yanshan Guiyu Trade Co., Ltd. because of its quality and trust. We maintain both things by using the utmost level of material and procedures. We use fast machinery and global standards to reach a high level of success. You should buy office supplies from YSGY Trade if you want low prices, top-grade quality, and timely responses.