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Our company is an export oriented company.

Qingdao Yanshan Guiyu Trade Co., Ltd. is located in the beautiful coastal city of Qingdao, China. Our company is an export-oriented company. We supply high-quality stationery items at the most competitive price. Our company has specialized in the manufacturing and exportation of office supply products, such as ball pens, gel pens, pencils, marker pens, and A4 papers, etc.

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Trade with the Best Stationery Manufacturer in Industry

Qingdao Yanshan Guiyu Trade Co., Ltd. is your final choice for versatile stationery. For offices and institutes, you have the best supplier now. Everything is in our stationery collection, ranging from a pencil to anything you can imagine. We have every type of writing supplies for buyers. Buyers can find bright and thick copy paper on YSGY Trade. All the types of stationery are right on YSGY Trade.

Customized Stationery Items for All Buyers in the Industry

For buyers who want to place custom service, we have a great deal of options here. Our production is capable of offering custom colors and printing. Custom fountain pens are one of them. Also, you will get customized stationery goods easily on YSGY Trade. We have lots of color combinations and designs for printing on stationery. This custom production will possibly help buyers who want promotional stationery items. YSGY Trade is the place that can offer custom school office supplies. People who are in arts and crafts activities can use our customization. 

We Unlock Varieties for Consumers in Offices and Schools 

 Highly functional stationery is now easily accessible in bulk. Students, teachers, and officials will not run out of essential items in their workplace anymore. In the blink of an eye, buyers can place their orders at YSGY Trade. Buyers can find A1 quality pens in our collection along with their varieties. We can fulfill a huge demand for stationery in offices, stores, institutes, and hospitals. Options for choosing the sizes and types of stationery items are available for buyers. We know how high the demand for stationery is in some industries. Therefore, we have custom production of stationery items. 

Start Purchasing Wholesale Stationery Online at Low Price

YSGY Trade is making your online purchase more affordable. All you will find here is a bulk supply and reasonable prices of stationery. This advantage of purchasing from us will bring long-term benefits for you. Every wholesale buyer in the world can purchase bulk educational supplies from us. We deal in bulk, and it will make way for large buyers. If you can afford low MOQs, there is flexibility for that also. International and local buyers can contact us for a discounted supply of stationery items. We are a top supplier that deals only in bulk. Every buyer can make bulk office supply wholesale purchases at YSGY Trade. 

Place Order for Pens, Markers, Pencils, and Whatever You Like

We have the capacity to manufacture lots of items in stationery. That will be a mountain of options for buyers if they explore. Our production includes not only packaging and labeling but more than that. It is about an extensive range of numerous colors for ink of gel pens. Buyers can choose the ink colors for the type of pens they want to purchase. We have not just blue, black, and red; we have many other colors too. You can place orders for permanent markers too. We have plenty of production of them for buyers in the academia and corporate sector.

Why is YSGY the Best Place to Buy Office Supplies?

International buyers prefer Qingdao Yanshan Guiyu Trade Co., Ltd. because of its quality and trust. We maintain both things by using the utmost level of material and procedures. We use fast machinery and global standards to reach a high level of success. Place your order and enjoy the post-purchase services also.