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We Produce UV Lamps  for the Printing and Coatings Industries

We Produce UV Lamps for the Printing and Coatings Industries

  • Sunday, 10 March 2024
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We Offer a Range of UV Lamps and Systems for the Printing and Coatings Industries

In the printing industry, UV curing is used to accelerate the rate at which inks and coatings dry.replacement gew uv lamp This reduces production times and improves dot-to-dot print quality. UV lamps are vital to the UV curing process because they produce UV radiation to cure inks and coatings. This process is more environmentally friendly than using heat to dry coatings and inks, as it doesn’t release volatile organic compounds into the air. These lamps also have a predictable lifespan and are subjected to strict quality control to ensure that they are consistent, reliable and durable.

GEW designs and manufactures Arc and UV LED systems for use in the printing, coating and converting industries.replacement gew uv lamp Its systems can be integrated into new machinery and are suitable for retrofitting into existing presses. They can be used to replace mercury arc or to sit alongside traditional drying technologies such as powder spray, infrared, hot air and electron beam.

The company’s UV LED systems are designed to provide the best performance for the lowest energy consumption.replacement gew uv lamp These systems are powered by ultraviolet light-emitting diodes (UV LEDs). Dozens or even hundreds of UV LEDs are fitted onto specialist circuit boards, referred to as LED modules. The modules are then mounted in a series of reflectors, which concentrate the light output and optimise the dose for each print run.

The LED modules are cooled by a combination of air and water.replacement gew uv lamp The cooling system is chosen to best match the requirements of the application and machine. For example, a air-cooled system is perfect for small machines that do not require a large amount of power, while a water-cooled system is ideal for larger presses that operate continuously over long periods of time.

GEW’s system health check is a comprehensive on-site inspection of an entire UV system, carried out by a highly experienced engineer.replacement gew uv lamp It includes a full diagnostic report of the entire UV system and recommendations for future maintenance. It also recommends any parts that may need replacement to restore the system to its original performance potential.

From the UV application laboratory to continuous internet remote monitoring, GEW offers a complete suite of customer services to help its customers get the most from their investment in a UV system. This includes free trials of different UV lamps and systems to ensure the correct specification of a UV system. It can also offer return on investment calculations to support a purchase decision.

GEW’s expert engineers are available globally to carry out UV system retrofits. The process begins with a site visit to scan the press with a portable coordinate measurement machine. This data is then used to create a 3D model of the press. A detailed assessment of installation requirements and siting is then undertaken. A custom integration kit is then designed to fit the machine. A complete set of documentation and build instructions are then produced. GEW has successfully completed thousands of retrofits, and can install UV on almost any existing printing, coating or converting machine.

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