The Industry’s Top UV Lamp Manufacturer

Buyers who wish to buy UV lamps in bulk, need Qingdao Yanshan Guiyu Trade Co., Ltd. We manufacture UV lamps with the best efficiency. They will help you in many ways, like UV curing, treatment of skin, tanning, germicidal lamps, forensics, etc. You can even explore our website to find them with different wattage ranges. Likewise, it goes from 1000 watts to around 20000 watts. We are a UV lamp manufacturer in China with the maximum results you can avail of. Our UV lamps have long working hours to offer you high durability. You can use them for domestic applications as well as for commercial applications. 

We Are Your Perfect Partner for Ultra Violet Lamps Solutions

We are offering high-quality gew UV lamps for all your stationery purposes. They can help you dry ink and adhesives quickly with a high wattage level. Besides stationery purposes, you can use UV lamps as an air disinfectant, sanitary inspecting tool, etc. Our UV lamps are for multiple purposes. If you are looking for a UV lamp exporter in China, we are your perfect partner. Our main purpose is to help our users get the finest results from these UV lamps. They tend to help dermatologists in detecting skin infections. Also, they are great for forensic teams to detect invisible marks at the crime scene.  

Good Quality and Reasonable Price

You will get only wholesale rates from us. We manufacture UV lamps in bulk and supply them at reasonable prices. Many buyers want budget-friendly rates, and we can make it possible. Our mega production size provides high-quality UV lamps at factory rates. We are a wholesale UV curing lamp manufacturer in China with lots of international buyers. These affordable prices help us to capture various buyers in the world. You can also buy from us at an economical price, even with a low MOQ size. All the buyers of UV lamps can contact us to buy at cheap rates.

Why Choose Us as Your UV Lamp Supplier?

Qingdao Yanshan Guiyu Trade Co., Ltd. is a valuable manufacturer of office supplies and stationeries in China. We have been supplying UV lamps to many buyers for different applications. In this world, we have managed to maintain internationally recognized standards. We aim to comply with regulations to meet customer satisfaction. Our smart workers and mega machinery have been helping us grow with consistency. You will be able to buy our high-quality UV disinfection lamps at economical prices whenever you need them.