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A4 70gsm Copy Paper

A4 70gsm Copy Paper

  • Tuesday, 23 April 2024
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A4 70gsm Copy Paper

A4 70gsm copy paper is a high-performance multipurpose printer paper.a4 70gsm copy paper Its white surface creates a striking backdrop for your printed documents, with superior opacity and brightness providing exceptional contrast. Designed for use with copiers, laser printers and inkjet, this paper delivers trouble-free printing across all machine types and is perfect for everyday printing and high-volume printing runs.

Gsm is the measure of the thickness of a paper (in g/m2).a4 70gsm copy paper The higher the gsm number, the thicker the paper. However, the quality of a paper is not just about its gsm; the other important factors include opacity, brightness and intended use.

For example, a good quality notebook paper usually has 80gsm and above, while most office documents will be using 70gsm. The opacity of a paper is also crucial, as it determines how much see-through occurs when you print on both sides. Choosing an opacity of more than 85 is recommended in order to reduce the risk of ink leaking through and causing paper jams.

Moreover, the brightness of a paper is another factor that determines how crisp and bright your prints will look. Having a brightness of over 160 CIE degree means that the colours will appear brighter and more vibrant on the paper.

With this in mind, we have developed our premium A4 a4 70gsm copy paper that is suitable for all multipurpose copiers and laser and inkjet printers. Its high opacity and brightness ensure excellent run ability, even when used for double-sided printing. Additionally, it is made from recycled fibres sourced in accordance with environmentally certified practices.

This premium A4 a4 paper is available in various pack sizes and comes ream wrapped for easy storage and transport. This makes it ideal for office use where you are looking to stock up on a lot of sheets of paper in a short period of time.

Its high-density structure ensures a smooth surface for ink and toner, while the high opacity allows for clearer, more defined text and images. The high-quality pulp is derived from sustainable forests, with the raw materials treated and blended with calcium carbonate combined with non-pollution PC, resulting in an eco-friendly product that is also fully recyclable. Furthermore, the neat cutting of this paper minimizes dust and reduces the chance of it sticking together during photocopying. This helps to prolong the working life of your copy machines, while maintaining high-quality copies every time.

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